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mg5pro10mm Ear Monitors®
Custom Fit Professional Earphones

mg5pro™10mm Ear Monitors®
Custom Fit Professional Earphones, feature our mg5pro™ 10mm proprietary miniature dynamic transducers. The mg5pro™ dynamic speakers, designed & manufactured by Future Sonics, are multi-driver & crossover free; delivering warm, full range audio for use on Stage, in the Studio & with personal media players. mg5pro™ Ear Monitors® audio signature, reliability and workmanship allow performers to hear themselves with exceptional clarity; while our BIGGER SOUND at lower volume™ promise continues to deliver the best sonic performance possible.

• Since each set of Ear Monitors® are completely custom made for each individual by hand, you will need to have your Ear Impressions taken, per our Custom Product Order Form instructions, by a licensed Audiologist . To locate a licensed Audiologist in your area and download a copy of the Future Sonics Custom Product Order Form CLICK HERE

Already own Ear Monitors® and want to Upgrade to the mg5pro™ 13mm Dynamics or have your mg5pro™ RETRO-FITTED into mg6pro™ 13mm Ear Monitors®:

UPGRADE Services are available for $249.00/set & RERTO-FIT Services are availabe for $349.00/set.
To read more on what's included w/ the UPGRADE or RETRO-FIT Service CLICK HERE

Features & Specifications:
NEW MG5pro™ Proprietary 10mm Dynamic Drivers
• 20Hz - 20,000Hz TrueTimbre™ Response
• 32ohm Impedance
• Sensitivity 110dB @ 30Hz
• 26db+/- Ambient Noise Rejection (A.N.R)
• 100% Armature & Crossover Free Technology
• 100% Serviceable (other then driving over them w/ a car)
• 50" standard cable / replaceable
• FS Customized Waterproof Pelican 1020 Micro Case
• Loop Cleaning Brush & Product Manual
• 30 Day Fit Guarantee
• 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Ear Monitors® Brand Are Used With :
• Concert Stage
• Recording Studio
• Houses of Worship
• Broadcast
• iPod®, Zune®, MP3 Digital Media Players
• Playstation®, GameCube® & most other game systems
• Laptop Computers, Portable DVD Players


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